Clarity- What it is, and why you need it!


Clarity.  When I’m talking about what it means to seek out, and maintain a High Performance lifestyle, there are a couple of key concepts that are foundational to this whole process. Clarity is not just a zen-like state, or the latest candle scent at Bath and Body Works. Clarity is an often-neglected, but critical component of an up-leveled life.

Most of us have felt buried by our obligations in life at some point. We may feel that way quite often!

It’s easy to get into a safe routine, where we focus on our responsibilities, our schedule, and our commitments. There is nothing wrong with following through on your obligations.

However, I would challenge you to think about the last time you had true clarity about your life, your choices, your ambitions and your aspirations.

When was the last time you took a pause from all of your ‘must do’s’, and allowed yourself to dig deep, and think carefully about the ‘want to do’s’?

Clarity is what happens when our aspirations and our obligations are equally present, and clear in our mind and in our heart.

Clarity comes from introspection.

Clarity comes about when we challenge ourselves to think a level (or two) deeper and beyond our everyday status quo.

We can numb ourselves to our own routines, and in doing so we miss out on the potential to fulfill our true natures, and our true possibilities.

When we put ourselves firmly in neutral gear, coasting from responsibility to responsibility, we shut ourselves off from the clarity and focus that comes from living intentionally.

I know I’ve certainly been there. In fact, I’ve spent years in the comfort of routine and obligation. Some of us have taught ourselves how to be measured by society, working our way through our obligations and checking off our ‘to-do’s. However, deep down we know we are missing something. Deep in our heart of hearts, we are aware that there is more for us than just our responsibilities and our schedules.

It was only when I allowed myself (no, forced myself) to really observe and think about my current life and choices, that I saw just how much I was missing. I was doing everything right. But I was ultimately missing the point.

‘The point,’ is that we are capable of more than we even know, and in our measuring of ourselves by the yardstick of responsibility, we are missing the very elements of real worth.

Clarity does come at a price. It comes from asking yourself tough questions that challenge your choices, that push you to consider alternatives, that may in fact result in a need for you to make changes.

Clarity brings our choices into clear focus, and allows us to push ourselves towards a life and a vision that we truly desire.

High Performance living demands that we seek clarity. It assumes a certain clear-eyed assessment of our strengths, our gaps, our complacency and our fears. And that can be scary!

Which is why most people avoid searching for true clarity in their lives. Fear of change is a powerful blanket that keeps us cozy in complacency.

But if you want more, if you want to explore what you are really capable of, if you want to finally feel and live what your best self can offer….then seeking clarity is where you begin.

You  begin asking by asking questions. You open the door to clarity by making room for self assessment, and by pushing yourself to think about the things you haven’t thought about in years.

What do you geek out about?
What do you find exciting and interesting?
Where are you completely checked out in your life?
Where do you long for more connection?

Simple questions that offer mountains of information. Start with the questions, and clarity will not be far behind!

High Performance living means going beyond your standard norms. It means challenging yourself to live the vest version of yourself.

Stay tuned as we continue to explore the foundational elements of High Performance.

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